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  Now you can sell your mastermind groups too!
  Now you can sell your mastermind groups

Launch your Flight School
sales page

in five minutes

Start selling Flight School today with a personalized sales page.

$495 one-time payment


Easily drop in your affiliate links

Sell Flight School masterminds

Personalized to your business


You want to sell Flight School but you don’t have a sales page to promote your affiliate links.

No need to hassle with building your own custom page. Just add your logo and affiliate links. Launch within minutes. Problem solved.

1. Get your Sales Page

2. Add your logo and links

3. Start making money

Coaches are saying…


Does it integrate with my WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace website?

It’s not directly integrated into Wix or any other website builder. It is built on WordPress, but it’s a standalone website with its own domain. However, you can easily link out from your site (from your menu/nav) using an external link or point a custom domain to your page.

Is there a separate cost for hosting?

Hosting of this page is included in the one-time fee of $495. There are no additional hosting fees.

Can I edit this page and add my own content?

Yes, but we recommend only changing text, not images or icons. You can access the page builder for advanced editing by clicking the large pink button at the bottom of your page admin. However, if the page gets broken, we can only restore the original page. Custom support is not available for this product. If you would like a custom Flight School page or a customizable website, check out our Website (in a day) Workshop.

Can I add additional pages?

The Flight School Sales Page is a standalone page, not a full website. It’s built on WordPress but not created for adding multiple pages. It’s a simple page that makes it easy to sell Flight School quickly. Technically, you can customize it (we use YOOTheme Pro as the builder) but it’s made to just drop your affiliate links in and start using in a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a full website, check out our Website (in a day) Workshop – a 5 page website built for BMS coaches. We’ll help you write the content and launch a new website in a 4 hour workshop. It also includes a Flight School Sales page.

Can this page be customized to match the look and feel of my brand?

You can add your logo to the top of the page and your bio information in the “Guide” section to make it more personalized. We built this page to match the look and feel of the Flight School product so your potential clients will have a more seamless experience when purchasing.

What’s the difference between the Flight School Landing Page that we get from BMS and this product?

Our Flight School Sales page is more customizable than the landing page that BMS offers you. You can add multiple affiliate links, your own logo at the top, an about section/bio, and custom pricing and benefits to sell masterminds. The page BMS offers is not customizable and only works with the FS Affiliate Link, not the Mastermind Program.

See the difference between them: 

The BMS Landing Page
Our Customizable FS Sales Page

Pick your plan


for Guides + Coaches

For StoryBrand Guides or Business Made Simple Coaches that want to earn commission by selling Business Made Simple University or Flight School using their referral link.

$495 one-time payment

  • Add your Flight School and BMSU referral links
  • Included “About” section with picture, bio & links

  • Upload your company logo to personalize your page


for Coaches only

For Business Made Simple Coaches that want to earn commission by selling Flight School AND/OR sell seats to their Flight School mastermind group.

$595 one-time payment

  • Sell access to your Flight School Mastermind
  • Customize your pricing and features
  • Add your Flight School referral link
  • Included “About” section with picture, bio & links

  • Upload your company logo to personalize your page

Need more than just a sales page? Sign up for an upcoming Website (in a day) Workshop to get a full coaching website, in just one day! This product is not directly endorsed by Business Made Simple.