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9 am – 9:30 am
We’ll introduce the team and make sure we have all of your assets. Then, we’ll begin working through each section of your homepage wireframe.
9:30 am – 9:50 am
The job of the header is to get your customer to read the rest of your website. Together, we’ll review and optimize your header content.
9:50 am – 10:10 am
The question we’ll answer in this section of your homepage is, “What is at stake if customers don’t buy your product?”
10:10 am – 10:30 am
Value Proposition
We’ll review the benefts your customer will experience when they buy your product or service.
10:30 am – 10:40 am
10 Minute Break
10:40 am – 11:00 am
In this section, we’ll focus on positioning you as the Guide in your customer’s story and establish empathy and authority.
11 am – 11:20 am
In this section, you’ll list out the pricing options that you offer or show the top three BMS products that you sell.
11:20 am – 11:40 am
The Plan
The goal for the “plan” section of your website is to provide your customer with a path that shows how simple it is to do business with you.
11:40 am – 12 pm
Explanatory Paragraph
This section should offer customers a more in-depth explanation of what you offer, how you overcome their problems, and what success looks like once they use your product or service.
12 pm – 12:15 pm
15 Minute Break
12:15 pm – 12:30 pm
Website Reveal
This is where it gets fun! Our team will be building your website while you write. Here’s where you’ll get to see it all come together.
12:30 pm
Finalize and Go Live!
We’ll finalize a few technical details and put your website live! Changes can still be made after the workshop is complete.
The Schedule